TITAN Library for PHP5  5.6.0
Web Software Development Kit for PHP5
Data Structures
Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
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 CfrontTitan Controller Class
 CmoduleTitan Module Controller Class
 CrestTitan RESTful Controller Class
 CrouteTitan Controller Route Class
 CmediatorTitan Mediator-Method Hook Management Class
 CpluggableTitan Pluggable Class
 CauthTitan Authentication Class
 Cauth_typeTitan Authentication Type Definition Class
 CdiTitan Dependency Injection Class
 Cdi_loadable_service_containerTitan Dependency Injection Service Container Class
 CextensibleTitan Extensible Base Class
 CinitTitan Library Initialization Class
 CloadableTitan Loadable Callback Handler Class
 Cloadable_moduleTitan Loadable Module Class
 Cloadable_pluginTitan Loadable Plugin Class
 Carray_iteratorTitan Data Iterator Interface
 CencryptTitan Encrypt Class
 CfieldTitan Dynamic Field Definition Class
 CfieldsTitan Dynamic Table Fields Definition Class
 Cfields_formTitan Form Fields Handler Class
 CiteratorTitan Iterator Class
 CstackTitan Data Stack Class
 CtimestampTitan Timestamp Class
 CdprintTitan Debug dprint() Function
 Cdprint_errorTitan Debug dprint() Error Object
 CprofileTitan Debug Profiler Class
 CcurlTitan cURL Class
 ChtpasswdTitan .htpasswd Handler Class
 CrestTitan REST API Request Class
 CjqueryTitan jQuery Class
 CbufferTitan Data Buffer Class
 ChtmlTitan I/O Buffered HTML Output Class
 ClogTitan Log Handler Class
 CmlTitan I/O Buffered *ML Output Base Class
 CphpgenTitan PHP Generator class
 CtemplateTitan Template Management Class
 CwikiTitan Data Wiki-style Parser
 CxmlTitan I/O Buffered XML Output Class
 CfolderTitan LDAP Folder Class
 CfoldersTitan LDAP Folders Class
 CldapTitan LDAP Class
 CusersTitan LDAP Users Class
 CmssqlTitan PDO Class MSSQL Engine (Linux dblib)/SQLSRV (Windows)
 CmysqlTitan PDO Class MySQL Engine
 CpdoTitan PDO Base Class
 CcacheTitan Cache Class
 CcsvTitan CSV Input/Output Class
 CfileTitan File Class
 ClockTitan Lock Class
 CoptionsTitan Options Class
 CsessionTitan Session Class
 CfunctionsTitan Misc Functions