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mysql Class Reference

Titan PDO Class MySQL Engine. More...

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pdo callback

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from pdo
 __construct ($type, $host, $user, $pass, $database= '')
 connect ($user= '', $pass= '')
 close ()
 select ($database= '')
 get_error ()
get_field_names ($table)
get_field_defs ($table, $name_only=true)
 field_exists ($table, $field)
 table_exists ($table)
 database_exists ($database)
 show_databases ($database= '', $exclude_system=true)
 show_tables ($database, $table= '')
 unquery ($query)
 free_result ()
 count ($table, $where= '1')
get_row ($query)
get_rows ($query)
get_rows_cb ($callback, $query)
 slash ($text= '')
 delete ($table, $where)
 insert ($obj, $table, $auto_increment= 'idx')
 update ($obj, $table, $where= '', $existing_obj=false)
- Public Member Functions inherited from callback
 __construct ($callback=NULL)
 callback ($callback=NULL)
 argument ($value)
 parameter ($name, $value= '')
factory (array $arguments=array())
execute ()
- Data Fields inherited from pdo
 $database = ''
 Database server selected database.
 $connected = false
 Is a database server connected?
 $db_ready = false
 Is a database selected?
 $last_query = false
 Last query performed.
 $result = false
 PDOStatement object of last executed query.
 $error = ''
 Error message, if any.
- Protected Member Functions inherited from callback
arguments (array $arguments=array())
- Protected Attributes inherited from pdo
 $pdo = false
 PDO object, link to database.
 $options = array()
 PDO connection options.
 $dsn = ''
 Database dsn.
 $type = ''
 Database driver type ('mysql or mssql (auto changes to sqlsrv))
 $host = ''
 Database server hostname (and port if needed)
 $port = 0
 Database server port (exploded from $host)
 $user = null
 Database server username.
 $pass = null
 Database server password.
 $backticks = false
 Wrap table and field names in backticks?

Detailed Description

Titan PDO Class MySQL Engine.

Class: \tl\io\pdo\mysql

James E. Bush work@.nosp@m.bush.nosp@m..cc

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