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ml Class Reference

Titan I/O Buffered *ML Output Base Class. More...

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Public Member Functions

 __construct ()
 __destruct ()
 __call ($tag_name, array $arguments)
 instack ($tag_name, $nested=false)
 mark ($label)
 wrap ($label)
 buffer ($content, $newline=false)
 open ($tag_name, $attributes= '')
 close ($tag_name)
 tag ($tag_name, $content, $attributes= '')
 void ($tag_name, $attributes= '')
 serialize ($var, $value)
 unserialize ($xml_string)
 clear ()
 display ()
 complete ($display=true)

Data Fields

 $stack = false
 Stack Class for tag stack.
 $is_buffered = true
 Should the output be buffered?
 $indent = 0
 Output indent level (for pretty printing)
 Templates for tag generation.
 $replacements = array()
 For serialize() - Replacement value pairs.
 $skip_replace = array()
 For serialize() - List of vars to skip replacement.

Protected Attributes

 $obuff = false
 Output Buffer Class.
 $is_void = false
 Is the current tag a void tag?
 $in_tag = false
 Is the current tag being handled by $this->tag()?
 $use_newline = false
 $this->tag(): Use standard newline?
 $use_stack = true
 Should the current tag use the stack?
 $pre = ''
 List of content to include before opening a tag in tag/content pairs.
 $noclose = array()
 List of tags that open normally but do not close (e.g. "<meta>")
 $voidtags = array()
 List of tags that are void tags (e.g. "<foo />")
 $cancels = array()
 List of tag cancels in key/value pairs (e.g. "body" cancels "head")
 $dependencies = array()
 List of tag dependencies in key/value pairs (e.g. "body" requires "html")
 $attr = array()
 List of default tag attributes (setting an attribute to false prevents its inclusion)
 $ns_prefix = ''
 XML namespace prefix.

Detailed Description

Titan I/O Buffered *ML Output Base Class.

Class: \tl\format\ml

James E. Bush work@.nosp@m.bush.nosp@m..cc

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

__construct ( )


__destruct ( )


Member Function Documentation

__call (   $tag_name,
array  $arguments 

Method overload

string$tag_nameThe method called is the tag to use
array$arguments(optional) Array of variable arguments
  array      $attributes         (optional) Array of tag attributes
                                 (default) empty
  bool       $buffer             (optional) Should the output be buffered?
                                 (default) true
instack (   $tag_name,
  $nested = false 

Check to see if the tag is in the stack

string$tag_nameThe tag to look for
bool$nested(optional) Should I look into all of the nesting levels? (default = false) Only look in the current nesting level
bool Was the tag found?
mark (   $label)

Set a marker in the stack

string$labelThe marker to set
wrap (   $label)

Close all tags in the stack back to a given marker

string$labelThe marker to reach
buffer (   $content,
  $newline = false 

Add data to the buffer

string$content(optional) Text to add to the buffer
string$newline(optional) Override class-default newline
open (   $tag_name,
  $attributes = '' 

Open an ML tag

string$tag_nameThe tag to open
array$attributes(optional) Tag attributes
close (   $tag_name)

Close a ML tag

string$tag_nameThe tag to close
tag (   $tag_name,
  $attributes = '' 

Create a complete ML tag (Open a tag, add content, and close the tag)

string$tag_nameThe tag to use
string$contentThe content to use
array$attributes(optional) Tag attributes
void (   $tag_name,
  $attributes = '' 

Open and close a void tag with no text data (e.g. "<foo />")

string$tag_nameThe tag to use
array$attributes(optional) Tag attributes
serialize (   $var,

Serialize mixed data to ML Handles all simple data types (bool, int, float, string, etc.)

unserialize (   $xml_string)

Parses xml and returns an array of mixed data

string$xml_stringXML content to unserialize
mixed The unserialized data
clear ( )

Erase the entire buffer contents

display ( )

Output the buffer contents

complete (   $display = true)

Complete the output buffer by closing all of the stacked tags

bool$display(optional) Should the buffer be displayed? (default = true)

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